Anonymous asked:
Where all the fly boys be at ?

Union Square & around Parsons

Anonymous asked:
What do you suggest for a first date (clothing)

Uhhh a cute LBD and some heels


do you ever just all of a sudden feel really alone

79,852 plays Drunk Texting Chris Brown Feat. Jhené Aiko X (Deluxe Version)

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Anonymous asked:
Who's your fashion inspiration ? Love your style btw

Thanks & Vashtie

Anonymous asked:
Why are your standards so high :(

I don’t think so at all. I just feel like I deserve more than just a movie and chipotle

Anonymous asked:
Love that give off so many good vibes. How do you stay so positive

I appreciate diversity & deeper thinking. I just try to surround myself with positive people.
That was sweet of you though ❤️

Anonymous asked:
How was your last date ?

It was cool he took me to a art gallery :)

Anonymous asked:
Do you think lightskin girls are prettier than darkskin ?

This is stupid